Responsible gambling

Games of chance and betting that are offered and promoted to the public are an exciting source of pleasure and diversion in free time. However, they may turn into uncontrollable behaviour that leads to numerous problems.

A person who bets, i.e. gambles, invests more and more of their time and money in that, which gives rise to developing an addiction. The consequences may be disastrous, ranging from financial problems and losing one’s job to ruining the family and self-destruction.

By taking some preventive measures, we would like to prevent this pessimistic and destructive scenario, so that we could retain the joy and excitement derived from betting, namely by underlining the importance of responsible gambling.

Happiness can never be attained by force

  • You should never gamble/bet above the budget you have previously allocated for that purpose.
  • Regardless of whether you are winning or losing, you should always stop gambling/betting when you reach the amount you have previously decided to use as a deposit in the game.
  • You should never gamble/bet if you cannot afford it.
  • You should never gamble/ bet if you have to get into debt for that purpose i.e. you should never gamble/bet with borrowed money.
  • You should never gamble/bet using the money that was supposed to be spent on something else (e.g. a present for a child, rent, repairing things etc.)
  • You should never gamble/bet to overcome negative feelings.
  • Games of chance are never to be used as a form of relieving stress.
  • Allocate the time you spend on gambling/betting.
  • You should never gamble/bet if you have to neglect or cancel your social and/or business activities because of gambling.
  • If you start gambling more frequently, you should take a break from gambling.

If you feel that you have lost control over playing games of chance/ betting, go to a counsellor.

Keep your gambling under control – do not let gambling control you!

”Responsible gambling” is a comprehensive and clearly structured project in our country with the aim of providing support to gambling addicts, as well as their family members. The coordinator of this project in Serbia is Dr Ivica Mladenović. Apart from gaining in-depth information about the addiction from renowned experts in this field, people in need of advice can use a free hotline 0800-301302, every day from 9 am to 5 pm, and be referred to specialised institutions dealing with this kind of problem.

on these problems. All you need to do is to call 0800-301302 number. The call is going to be free.